"... extremely professional in their approach to doing business. The merchandise speaks for itself and it was, in fact, a pleasure to do business with them. I highly recommend this store for your extended and personally tailored needs. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks guys!"

"Incredible being, I can feel the tremendous vibration from his presence, I have put it on his place in my occultum. He will surely become on of my best spirit allies. Thank you for your gift! This is not only a very powerful magickal being but also a true piece of art."

"Amazing power from this oil! one of the most powerful and operative oils that I have ever seen."

"Awesome quality... The attention to detail on this piece is amazing, and the packaging was beyond perfect."

"This was a very moving, beautiful rendition of the 'real' St. Nicholas, a 4th century bishop who defended and was tortured for his faith. He remains one of the most popular saints today, even in his corrupted form of Santa Claus... Troy has absolutely captured his spirit in a way I've not seen elsewhere, even in the Byzantine icones on which it's based. Thank you!"

"The only magical oils I trust are the ones I make myself or buy from you."

"Very detailed and beautiful. I shall take really good care of him. You are a true wizard..."

"The oils are potent and their power is palpable, even when holding the bottle. Very few people would have the means, knowledge or vocation to make such things, they are mind-boggling and evoke remnants of past lives to me... where devotion to work like this was the sheer reason for breathing everyday...
[The oils] will intrigue many, scare others, and may even cause some to just shake their heads in disbelief...It shows a level of true devotion and work."

"... a masterful example of an accomplished artist as well as practitioner of the Arts Magical. The Imp's protective presence, intelligent spirit, and carefully executed physical form have out shone any preconceived expectations I had when ordering. As contemporary purveyors of occult goods and services, Wolf & Goat are a wonderful resource for the serious aspirant in need of finely crafted items for their particular practice or Path. I highly recommend them."

"Everything about the patuá was perfect. Its effect I felt immediately, and after the rite you suggested, I entered into dreams with such vividness I haven't seen since childhood. Thank you!!"

"The quality of the charm you made blew me away. It is so intricately carved, pleasing to look at, and ALIVE. I can feel axé flowing through it and it fills my altar with its force."

"There are few people providing the services you do. Quimbanda is rarely reflected so positively and with such artistry. Please keep it up- and make more of everything!"

"I have been waiting for a store like yours- and having now ordered from you, I couldn't be happier."



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