Goblin, Imp, Pixie, Mmoatia, Curupira, Puckwudgie, Chichiricú, Chaneques, Tokolosh, Duende– known by many names in as many cultures, each distinct within their home-forests but with strong overlaps in character, body and mythic themes, the Little Ones are some of the most vivid and memorable but often overlooked and neglected in modern magic.

An intersection of the Land and the People, they have distinct advantages as allies to those who are patient enough to develop relationships with them and cunning enough to make use of their particular gifts.

Through many years of study, experimentation, and close work with these beings, Chambers will explore the little folk, those spirits that live in and play off of the Forest, both Urban and Wild. This seminar will explore the cross-cultural omnipresence of such spirits, their patterns in folklore and practice, Chambers’ unique categorization of them, and ultimately open up the topic of the chimaeric nature of these and other spirits. He will discuss his own findings and workings in both personal alliances and in the making of charms and fetish-dolls, making pacts and leaving offerings, and the myriad practical ways in which one can begin works and relationships with these spirits.

This is a Foundation Course that Chambers will build off of for future seminars which will only be offered to those who have taken this course.

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Foundation Course: Goblins, Imps, & Pixies
taught by Troy Chambers of Wolf & Goat

Two Part Section (Two 3 hour Sunday Sessions)

Next cycle not announced yet

Four Part Section (Four 1.5 hour Wednesday Sessions)

Next cycle not announced yet

$80- payment due at time of registration
Platform: Webex Limit: 21 students

The same information will be covered in each 'section', and the price is for a complete unit (either the two Sundays, or the four Wednesdays). The information will build upon the previous session, so commitment to all the dates of a given section is important. Please make sure you can attend all dates in your chosen section.

Upon purchase, you will be contacted via email within 48 hours to complete regristration, and to receive necesary further information. Make sure to enter your preferred email address at checkout.



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