Devils and Whores, Murderers and Thieves, Clerics and Sorcerers. These are the 'Good People' of Quimbanda, the spirits of earth and fire that stir lust and desire, grant luck and vengeance, and protect those who serve them. Statues and iron tridents covered in palm oil and blood, the air thick with tobacco and the smell of cachaça and gunpowder in the air- what *is* Quimbanda?

Quimbanda is a spiritual system born in and because of Brazil itself: a child of West African magic and world-view mixed with Indigenous plant and spirit lore and some glossings of European witchcraft and sorcery. Originally a possession cult focusing on spirit contact and pragmatic workings, it has become a complex system incorporated into Umbanda and some lineages of Candomble, as well as surviving as its own practice. It has gained increasing popularity in the past few years due to material now available in English, but initiates are few and far between here in the States.

Drawing from his knowledge and experience as a Tata Quimbanda, Tata Apokan will explore the worldview and spirits of Quimbanda, going into the various Exus and Pomba Giras that find their home here at the crossroads of Fire. We will discuss its history and influences, and the nature and qualities of the Seven Kingdoms and how to approach them. We will discuss the importance of possession and divination, and showcase a few workings of traditional Quimbanda- everything from love and binding spells to protective and aggressive magics. Finally we will look at the day to day of the terreiro (temple) and as well as the tools, technologies, and initiatic rituals of this rich magical system.

This webinar will be taught in English.

After this introductory session, more specialized sessions will be available. To participate in these future seminars, past participation in one of the Intro sections is mandatory, and it will be required to have had a consulta to determine your Exu or Pomba Gira from either myself, or another qualified person. Verification of such a reading will be asked for in future seminars.

Future webinars may include:
The Seven Kingdoms of Exu- spirits, herbs, and workings surrounding each one of the seven Kingdoms: Praia, Matas, Kalunga, Cruzeiro, Lira, Encruzilhada, & Almas
• Kisaba no Reino (herbal lore and practice tied to Quimbanda)
The Tronco of Quimbanda (how to work with and serve your spirits, set up a shrine & make offerings, etc.)
• Quimbandorium Verum: addressing the complex relationships between Quimbanda and the Grimoires, most notably its spirit catalogue syncretism with the Grimoirium Verum

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Foundation Course:
An Introduction to Brazilian Quimbanda
taught by Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Tata Apokan

Two Part Section (Two 3 hour Saturday Sessions)

Dates: Saturday, Oct 19th 2019 (Part 1)
Saturday,Oct 26th 2019(Part 2)
Time: 3:00 to 6:00 pm, EDT

Four Part Section (Four 1.5 hour Monday Sessions)
Dates: Monday, Oct 14th, 2019 (Part 1)
Monday, Oct 21st, 2019 (Part 2)
Monday, Oct 28th, 2019 (Part 3)
Monday, Nov 4th, 2019 (Part 4)
Time: 9:00 to 10:30 pm, EDT

Cost: $121- Platform: Webex

The same information will be covered in each 'section', and the price is for a complete unit (either the two Saturdays, or the four Wednesdays). The information will build upon the previous session, so commitment to all the dates of a given section is important.

We will record each live class and distribute them via streaming media for those that are actively enrolled in the class.

Upon purchase, you will be contacted via email to complete regristration, and to receive necessary further information. Make sure to enter your preferred email address at checkout.



foundation course:  an introduction to

$121.00   Fall 2019 Saturday


mondays oct 14th, 21st, 28th, &

saturdays  oct 19th & oct

CHOOSE (the same info will

$121.00 Fall 2019 Monday. Section:  Intro