Much divination concerns discovery: rituals designed to bring what had previously lay beneath into the light, to examine and understand the ground upon which we stand, along with an increased awareness of the effects of the inertias and agents contesting that ground. In knowing where we stand, we may not only better defend ourselves and our kin, but may indeed learn to fly on magic carpets. In remaining ignorant, we risk having the rug pulled out from under us.

No more is this locating of solid ground more relevant than in one of the most burning kinds of questions put to the diviner: am I safe? How are my enemies working against me? Have I earned some spirit's ire? Am I under crossed conditions?

Such questions can of course be the product of simple bloated ego or self-importance, a transference of jealousy, or motivated by baseless and unhinged paranoia. But - in the face of streaks of terrible misfortune, unexpected obstacles, and high weirdness - they can also be eminently sensible inquiries to make calmly and critically. By correctly diagnosing difficulties we may most effectively strategise solutions and remedies.

In this course students will investigate many of the dark corners and foreboding chambers of the House of Restrictions, the Twelfth House, which rules the witchcrafts and impediments laid upon us. In being able to read each of the Sixteen placements of the House of Bindings for various formulations - which, for the purposes of this series, we may call Crossings, Hauntings, and Curses - we are also able to consider means and methods to regulate, ameliorate, and even cure such unfavourable difficulties. We will cover best practices in setting questions that neither automatically assume ultimate doom nor ignore absolutely any potential problems or inauspicious circumstances.

In maturely investigating the more potentially unpleasant or even sinister ways in which we engage with place, spirit, power, and other practitioners - and, crucially, how they interact with us right back - we seek to better ground ourselves in our responsibilities, our self-reliance, and our communities

The course is taught by Dr. Alexander Cummins, who by day is a professional diviner and mild-mannered historian of early modern magic (seriously, he has a doctorate in the history of English magic) and by night finds himself conjuring shades, demons and the occasional angel. As you may have guessed by this course, he has a particular passion for geomancy. Drawing on his own professional practice and personal experiments with the system over the last decade, the Good Doctor presents this course as a further exploration of the nuances of this worldly oracle. The course will include access to scans of primary source texts of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century geomancy, along with reading notes and further bibliography. All of these resources are of course additional support, as the Good Doctor will cover everything necessary during the course proper.


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Advanced geomancy course:  shielding

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Advanced Geomancy Course:
taught by Dr. Alexander Cummin

Three Part Class
(Three 1.5 hour Sessions)

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