Spirit contact, spirit sight; hearing and seeing that which can't be seen or heard... the beginning, the necessary - the goal. Here is where we begin and must be.

The ability to directly communicate with Spirits both visually and audibly is a necessary component of magic, and those without it are at a disadvantage. And while some may come by this talent naturally, it is not an automatic 'gift' to every practitioner of magic, and its lack in one's practice will be a setback.

The Wolf of Wolf & Goat has had success in introducing practitioners to the mindset needed to rethink how they approach spirits, and truly open their eyes to what is around them - and in this class, he opens up the board to help others deepen their connection to spirit.

Over a course of two months, a handful students will be taken on and assisted with spirit communication, both visually and conversationally. We will begin with an open conversation on spirit contact - the benefits and drawbacks of approach, the headspace needed to succeed, and the tools of the mind necessary to move forward, followed by three private 45-minute check-ins over the course of the two months, and culminating in a group discussion.

Required for the course is the ability to receive a shipment of a charm bundle for direct work in the class, and the optional (though preferred) addition of a fumigation to assist in contact. All participants will receive a short-term living fetish-charm housing a spirit that will be their 'test subject' throughout the duration of the class, that will need to be sent back upon completion.

If you have any questions, please email info@wolf-and-goat.com.


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Spirit sight: Seminar & coaching a two

Spirit Sight: Seminar & Coaching
taught by Troy Chambers of Wolf & Goat

A Five Week Mentorship
• Two 2 hour Sunday group sessions
• Three 45 min. one-on-one sessions

Group Session Dates:
(Introduction Seminar)
(Final Group Discussion)
Time: 3:00 to 5:00 pm, EST


Individual One-on-One Dates
will be scheduled weekly
by mutual agreement

Cost: $300 - payment due at time of registration
Platform: WebEx Limit: 7 students

not currently offered please consider future