The practices of Brazilian Quimbanda, while varied, are nowhere better exemplified than in the etablishment of a tronco, also known as a tronqueira or casa de Exu- the physical shrine whereby one conducts sessions and the weekly firmeza to the spirits of the cult.

These troncos can be small niches or parts of bookshelves, nightstands, wardrobes, even all the way up to a full room of the traditional temples. But the landmarks of what makes a tronco firmly rooted in the tradition- these do not change, and when set up consciously and with purpose, greatly increase a Quimbandeiros ability to call Exu and Pomba Gira.

For many who have come to Quimbanda far from the alliances and initiations with a physical terreiro or cabula, the establishment of a tronco and the regular practice of a firmeza are their main interactions with Quimbanda. While many will have have readings to determine their Exus and Pomba Giras, even following traditional scripts for a session at their tronco, there can be many questions and curiosities which arise in this practice.

While most traditionally these questions would be answered by the Tata or Yaya they are initiated under, there is a model of practice in Quimbanda to work with these spirits before initaition as well. For those who have had readings but may yet not be formally given licença, this class and coaching will be of interest.

While this mentorship will not reveal anything that is initiate bound, the aim is to provide those who wish a firmer grasp of the traditions surrounding the tronco, and how to use their personal court to customize their tronco to their own unique spiritual make-up.

Starting with a three hour group session, we will go over the basic set up of the tronco, and the structure of a firmeza. Over subsequent private sessions with each participant will get one-on-one mentorship reguarding their personal Exus and Pomba Giras:

First Private Session: More in depth exploration of your personal Exus and Pomba Giras, further insights into their personality, likes and dislikes and offerings.

Second Private Session: Focusing on at least one ponto cantado for each of your primary spirits, including meaning, melody, and pronunciation.

Third Private Session: Futher exploration of your court and the strengthening of an individualized firmeza session for you.

There are two pre-requisites for this course:

1) You must have taken the Intro. to Brazilian Quimbanda Seminar
2) You must have had a consulta to determine your Exu or Pomba Gira from either myself, or qualified person. If you have had a consulta from another Temple/Lineage, participation will be considered only after communication with and permission from your Tata, Yaya, Pai or Mãe.

Salve o bom povo de Quimbanda! Pembele o!

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the tronco of quimbanda: Seminar &

The Tronco of Quimbanda: Seminar & Coaching
taught by Jesse Hathaway Diaz, Tata Apokan

A Five Week Mentorship

• One 3 hour group session
• Three 30 min. one-on-one sessions

Group Session Dates:

Individual One-on-One Dates
will be scheduled weekly
by mutual agreement

Cost: $300 - payment due at time of registration
Platform: WebEx Limit: 13 students

this is class will be